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Canadian Editor, Doug Gibson, travelled to Stockholm as part of the delegation that represented Alice Munro receiving her Nobel Prize in December 2013.  Here he shares his experience.

October 10, 2013 –
Alice Munro wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

New York Times
People Magazine

What the readers have to say

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Sept 26, 2013 – Alice Munro has won the $10,000 Harbourfront Festival Prize

Alice Munro wins Ontario's Trillium Book Award (June 19, 2013) for Dear Life

"She's the best in the world"

James Reaney, London Free Press, Feb.2, 2013

My Hero:  Alice Munro by Nell Freudenberger (The Guardian, UK)

Ten Reasons Why Alice Munro is a Genius … Globe & Mail, July 2013
Why we Don't Want Artists Like Alice Munro to Retire (Globe & Mail, July 4)
Alice Munro Retires,  Slideshow (New York Times, July 1)
Alice Puts Down her Pen to Let the World In, (New York Times, July 1)
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Things You May Not Know About Alice (New Yorker Magazine, October 4, 2008)
Editing Alice Munro (Quill & Quire)
Alice's Daughter Sheila Shares her Story in Lives of Mothers and Daughters:  Growing Up with Alice Munro.  Here she shares the experience of telling that story with Maureen Garvie.

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