Past Masterclasses

Masterclasses 2021

Led by: Alix Ohlin

Masterclass: Time Travel
for Everyone

Led by: M.G. Vassanji

Masterclass: Mr. Vassanji Writes

Masterclasses 2019

Led by: Mona Awad

Masterclass: Hearing Voices: Using Voice to Tell Your Story and Get Your Characters to Come Alive

Led by: Téa Mutonji

Masterclass: Blurring the Lines between Fiction and Nonfiction

Led by: Anthony De Sa

Masterclass: Manipulating Sense

Led by: K.D. Miller

Masterclass: Ekphrastic writing inspired by the paintings of Alex Colville

Led by: Amy Jones

Masterclass: The Art of
the Scene

Led by: Ian Williams

Masterclass: Building a Sustainable
Writing Practice

2018 Masterclasses

Led by: Sarah Meehan

Masterclass: Getting Out of Your Own Way

Led by: Johanna Skibsrud

Masterclass: The Act of Writing

Led by: Kyo Maclear

Masterclass: Picturing Books

Led by: Casey Plett

Masterclass: Opening the Door

2017 Masterclasses

Led by: Marni Jackson 

Masterclass: Forget About Genre: Twenty-Two Ways to Improve Your Story-telling

Led by: Marilyn Simonds

Masterclass: The First Page 

Led by: Kyo Maclear

Masterclass: Picturing Books 

Led by: Eva Crocker

Masterclass: Creating Convincing Characters

2016 Masterclasses

Led by: Sheila Heti 

Masterclass: Writing Standing and Writing Seated

Led by: Mariko Tamaki

Masterclass: How She Talks

Led by: Don Martel

Masterclass: Photographing Munro Country

Led by: Samuel Archibald

Masterclass: Blurred Lines: Mingling Fact and Fiction

Led by: Merilyn Simonds

Masterclass: Writing the Past:
or, excuse me, your research
is showing

Led by: Shawn Syms

Masterclass: From Pen to

2015 Masterclasses

Led by: Andrew Kaufman

Masterclass: Story Structure of the Screenplay

Led by: Caroline Adderson

Masterclass: Writing Linked Short Stories

Led by: Lisa Moore 

Masterclass: A Point of View

Led by: Merilyn Simonds

Masterclass: Writing Flash Fiction

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