Brown Bag Lunch & Poetry Readings

“If food is poetry, is not poetry also food?”
Joyce Carol Oates

Sunday, May 26, 2019
12:00 – 1:30 pm
Bayfield Town Hall
11 The Square, Bayfield

NOTE: Lunch is included in Weekend Passes.   

Enjoy a bag lunch (sandwich, salad and dessert) prepared by The Docks, Bayfield while you listen to readings by Joshua Whitehead, Ian Williams, and Bayfield poet, Andy McGuire. 

Country Club (2015) by Andy McGuire

A lyrical wilderness of power, wealth, leisure and desire, the poems of Country Club freewheel across state lines with panache and flagrant feeling. In this bold debut from Andy McGuire, all passions – even unpleasant ones – stare down the barrel of a world in which freedom is the fifty-first state, and love is the eleventh province.

full-metal indigiqueer (2017) by Joshua Whitehead

This poetry collections focuses on a hybridized Indigiqueer Trickster character named Zoa who brings together the organic (the protozoan) and the technologic (the binaric) in order to re-beautify and re-member queer Indigeneity.

Personals (2012) by Ian Williams

These are not love poems. These are almost-love poems. Jittery, plaintive, and fresh, these are poems voiced through a startling variety of speakers who continually rev themselves up to the challenge of connecting with others, often to no avail.