Author Panel: Does That Make Me a Feminist Writer?


Panelists Ami McKay, Scaachi Koul and Johanna Skibsrud discuss what constitutes a feminist writer.  Does an author need to adhere to a prescribed doctrine to be considered a feminist writer? Or is simply being a female writer who writes about female characters a political or feminist statement.     

“Naturally my stories are about women – I am a woman. I don’t know what the term is for men who write mostly about men. I’m not always sure what is meant by “feminist.” In the beginning I used to say, well, of course I’m a feminist. But if it means that I follow a kind of feminist theory, or know anything about it, then I’m not. I think I’m a feminist as far as thinking that the experience of women is important. That is really the basis of feminism.” 

Alice Munro on whether she
considers herself a feminist writer.
The Atlantic, 2001.

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