MasterClass #4: OPENING THE DOOR


Opening the Door
with Casey Plett

“Write with the door closed, re-write with the door open." is a famous quote from Stephen King's "On Writing," who in turn got the lesson from an editor. King said you should begin your story with the intent of it being just for you, and then open it up for others to criticize. Was he right? When do you open the door? How do you balance the humility of seeking (and handling) criticism if it conflicts with what's exciting you about a piece of writing? In this workshop we'll discuss all these questions from a craft point of view, including on what to do when a writer and editor are at loggerheads.

Sunday, June 3,  2018
Time:  3:30 – 5:00 am
Venue:  Alice Munro Public Library,
381 Edward Street, Wingham



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