Author Readings: Marni Jackson & Merilyn Simonds

Marni Jackson reads from her 2016 book of connected short stories, Don’t I Know You.  Followed by a reading by Merilyn Simonds from her April 2017 publication Gutenberg’s Fingerprint: Paper, Pixels & the Lasting Impression of Books. An opportunity for questions and answers for the authors will follow the readings.

Saturday, June 3,  2017
10:45 – 12:15 PM
Venue: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church,
281 Josephine Street, Wingham, ON


Gutenberg’s Fingerprint: Paper, Pixels & the Lasting Impression of Books by Merilyn Simonds

Four seismic shifts have rocked the history of human communication: the invention of writing, the invention of the alphabet, the invention of mechanical movable type that made the printing press possible, and the invention of the internet. Poised over this fourth transition, e-reader in one hand, a perfect-bound book in the other, Merilyn Simonds—author, literary maven, and early adopter—asks herself, What is lost and what is gained as paper turns to pixel?

Gutenberg’s Fingerprint is a timely and fascinating book that explores the myths, inventions, and consequences of the digital shift and how we read today.

Don’t I Know You by Marni Jackson

What if some of the artists we feel as if we know—Neil Young, Meryl Streep, Keith Richards, Bill Murray—turned up in the course of our daily lives? On the bus, at the cottage, or for a family funeral? This is what happens to Rose McEwan, a journalist and writer for hire who keeps having strange encounters with famous people. These interlocking stories follow her life from age 17 (when she attends a writing workshop led by a young but already philandering John Updike) through heartbroken bohemia (Joni Mitchell offers timely advice), a decade of marriage, and a zesty post-divorce phase when she embarks on a wilderness canoe trip with Taylor Swift, Leonard Cohen, and Karl Ove Knausgaard. 


Long Story Short