Author Reading: Mariko Tamaki

Saving Montgomery Sole by Mariko TamakiSaving Montgomery Sole

Join Canadian writer Mariko Tamaki for a reading from her new young adult novel Saving Montgomery Sole. Montgomery Sole is a square peg in a small town, forced to go to a school full of jocks and girls who don’t even know what irony is. It would all be impossible if it weren’t for her best friends, Thomas and Naoki. The three are also the only members of Jefferson High’s Mystery Club, dedicated to exploring the weird and unexplained, from ESP and astrology to super powers and mysterious objects. Thoughtful, funny, and painfully honest, Montgomery Sole is someone you’ll want to laugh and cry with over a big cup of frozen yogurt with extra toppings.

Saturday, June 4,  2016
Venue: Alice Munro Public Library, 281 Edward St., Wingham

Tickets – $10