Sense of Place – Photography Exhibit

Friday, June 3, 2016 – Saturday, June 4, 2016

A new addition to this year’s Alice Munro Festival is the addition of photography. The Huron County Library and Photography Club of Bayfield have partnered on a Sense of Place photo exhibit that matches quotes from Munro’s stories to images of the Huron County Landscape, demonstrating the connection between art and place.

Huron County Library Book Clubs read a selection of Alice Munro stories and pulled quotes from the stories that are quintessential or indicative of the places and landscapes of Huron County. The Photography Club of Bayfield then photographed scenes from the county that best represent these quotes. A jury made up of representatives from the Huron County Library, Photography Club of Bayfield and Alice Munro Festival of the Short Story Committee will select up to 24 images that will be framed and exhibited during the Festival. Following the Festival, photos from the Sense of Place exhibit will be displayed in Library Branches across the County.

The exhibit will open on Friday, June 3, at the opening reception being held at the Wescast Community Complex in Wingham.

Also new to this year's festival is a half-day landscape photography workshop with renowned photographers Don Martell called “Photographing Alice Munro Country”.