2015 Poster

"Abandoned Farm House, North Huron" by Greg Sherwood


Bio from "The Ruralist"

No one captures the beauty of rural Ontario landscapes quite like Greg Sherwood.  The crisp blue skies and lush green fields that are signature Sherwood imagery evoke strong emotional ties to my Huron County roots.  I have come to associate Sherwood’s artistry with a deep sense of place and home. Having recently purchased my own Greg Sherwood painting, I wanted to understand a little more about what inspires his work and his passion for rural Ontario.

Greg Sherwood began creating art in high school and has fond memories of bringing his sketchbooks and art materials along with him on canoe trips with his father.  After leaving high school Greg attended the University of Western Ontario in London where he first studied geology and received his Bachelor degree.  He returned to Western to study art and received his Honors Bachelor of Fine Art and later his Bachelor of Education from Althouse College.

Greg’s interest in science has shaped his life as an artist.  He continues to explore his fascination with the natural world in his art, documenting the processes and forces that shape our environment in his oil paintings and mixed media work.  Greg resides in Wingham, Ontario and his paintings can be found in collections throughout Canada and the US.

see the full interview and some more of Mr. Sherwood's work at this link at the Ruralist.

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