On Reading Munro: Small Town Big World

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blyth Memorial Hall, 423 Queen Street, Blyth

11:30am-1:30pm, $20/per person


Author Carrie Snyder joins us for a spirited discussion of her passion for writing, her newest book – Girl Runner and her appreciation for the work of Alice Munro.


About the author: Carrie Snyder is the author of two books of short fiction. Her first, Hair Hat was shortlisted for the Danuta Gleed Award for short fiction, and her second, The Juliet Stories was a finalist for the 2012 Governor General's Award. Carrie lives in Waterloo, Ontario with her husband, four children, and two dogs, and blogs as Obscure CanLit Mama at carriesnyder.com. You can follow her on twitter @carrieasnyder.

In Carrie’s Words:CarrieSnyder

I was introduced to Alice Munro as a young teenager, when my dad gave me one of her story collections as a birthday gift: Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You, which was her third collection, originally published in 1974. I received my copy in the mid-1980s, and I still have it: it was an inexpensive mass-produced paperback, with a somewhat melodramatic “feminine” cover, and I read those stories over and over again. In retrospect, it was a terrific collection to start with. It has romance, intrigue, betrayal, and mystery—I can’t say that I fully understood everything I was reading at the time, but that in itself kept me fascinated. The individual stories in the collection cover a lot of themes to which Munro returns throughout her career: there are stories about being a writer; stories with a strong autobiographical flavour; stories about family—both about contemporary relationships between siblings and about the layered complexities that separate and tie together families through the generations; stories about sexual betrayal and risk; and stories that read deceptively like romance and mystery. I was hooked for life. 


Includes a lunch prepared by Chef Peter Gusso of Part II Bistro.


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